Eyebrows are an integral part of a woman’s look and it’s not easy to maintain them. The shape of the eyebrows is extremely important as it gives character and harmony to a woman’s features.

Hair removal and correction of the eyebrows are treatments that are often performed together and they allow to enhance an already defined arch or to completely create a non-existent arch. To carry out these treat-ments we use various hair removal techniques, from hot wax to tweezers to threading. At the end of the treatment, to enhance the newly created shape, we could apply to the eyebrows a light make-up (brow design).

IDEAL FOR THOSE WHO: wish to have
beautifully defined eyebrows that perfectly complement the features of the face
APPLICATION TIME: about 20 minutes
TECHNIQUE: tweezers, sugar paste, threading
EFFECT: definition of the ideal eyebrow shape
DURATION: about 2 weeks
TOUCH UP: to maintain the eyebrows in perfect shape we advise to undergo hair removal every two weeks


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