Lashes lengthening or lashes extension is the trend that has conquered all women in the world because it creates an intense and magnetic look.

It is perfect for women who don’t have much time to apply make up but always want to feel beautiful, or for those women who want to enhance short, thin or too light eyelashes.

We can also create more sophisticated styles for special events using coloured lashes, strass or plumes.

Our lash extension treatment is customised based on eye shape and desired look, whether natural or more sophisticated: we mix different lengths, curvatures, thicknesses and colours to guarantee a customised result, respecting your eye shape and face proportions.

The treatment is painless and very relaxing: we call it lash nap!
You won’t feel any pain either during or after the treatment because the lash extensions are applied very gently on your natural eyelashes (not on the skin).

Lash extension? Heylash is the answer!

Discover the different styles you can get:


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