Lash Botox is the newest eyelashes treatment. The lamination treatment which already includes keratin can be further enhanced by using a serum containing hyaluronic acid, argan oil, collagen, vitamins and some aminoacids that reinvigorate the ciliary fibres, restoring the structure of the lashes, giving them shape, volume and brilliance.

On top of being nourished and hydrated, the lashes will have more volume (up to 40% more) and will be stronger after each application.
Lash Botox is a healing treatment that:

– Makes the lashes curlier, shinier and blacker than ever and gives them more volume
– Restores the structure of the lashes, hydrating and nourishing them
– Doesn’t need any special maintenance or care
– Lasts for a very long time
– Only uses natural products
– Is suitable for all types of lashes, especially the weakest ones
– Is perfect for a break time between two extension treatments

The treatment needs to be repeated every 5/6 weeks and the effect improves after each application.

IDEAL FOR THOSE WHO: have weak, sparse or thin lashes or for those who are taking a break from an extension treatment
APPLICATION TIME: about 60 minutes
EFFECT: thicker lashes after every session
DURATION: 6/8 weeks
TOUCH UP: the treatment needs to be repeated 5/6 weeks after the first session


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