The thickening of the eyelashes through the technique of extreme volume is achieved by applying an extension that is 4 to 8 times longer than the natural eyelashes.

The result is a more intense look, similar to that achieved with fake eyelashes.

You will agree all the details of your look with your trusted Lash Maker: doll, cat’s eyes, sun beam… How are you feeling today? With Heylash there are no limits to your imagination!

IDEAL FOR THOSE WHO: wish to have a more intense and magnetic look
APPLICATION TIME: about 150 minutes
TECHNIQUE: from 4D a 8D
EFFECT: extremely thickening, curvy and slightly elongated effect
DURATION: about 4 weeks
TOUCH UP: recommended 3-4 weeks after the first treatment
NOTE: it is mandatory to perform a patch test of the glue at least 48 hours before the treatment (only at the first session)


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